How to convert EML to PDF? {Smart Techniques}

How to convert EML to PDF? {Smart Techniques}

Many users today are looking for the best way to convert EML to PDF. Are you among them? Well! Don’t worry, as this technical guide will provide you with the best solutions for converting EML emails to PDF files. You can use this technical guide to open EML files in PDF or convert .eml to PDF without using any software.

Begin with the user query:

“Hi, I’m David. I need to convert EML files to PDF because I need to show some of my emails in EML format in a presentation. Please advise me on the best way to do this conversion.”

Before we begin, let us define .eml and PDF file formats. First, let’s define the EML file format:

How to open EML files?

Electronic Mail (EML) saves emails in plain text format to be easily imported into other email applications. Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Windows Mail, and Windows Live Mail support EML files.

What is a PDF file?

This format allows you to store text, images, hyperlinks, videos, and fonts in one file without changing the file or data hierarchy. It is a very compatible file format that can run on any platform, which is a plus. Adobe created the PDF file concept. 

It saves files in various formats with an unlimited number of fonts and images. The lightweight e-books are created in PDF.

Why would someone want to convert an EML file to a PDF that includes attachments?

There are several reasons for converting an EML file to the PDF file format, several of which are listed below:

To save email messages as PDF files for future reference.

PDF is the most portable and independent file format available, and you can access virtually any operating system.

Converting emails to the PDF file format enables offline access to those emails.

By incorporating encryption and other useful features such as a watermark, the PDF format ensures safety and security.

Methods for converting the EML file format to the PDF file format

There are two distinct methods for converting an EML file to the PDF file format, namely,

  • Manual Methods
  • Professional Approaches

Let’s begin by manually converting the EML file to the PDF file format.

Methods for manually converting an EML file to a PDF file

Manual techniques are those in which users perform all steps manually, without the assistance of utilities. However, these procedures are excessively lengthy and time-consuming. Apart from that, these are entirely free methods for converting EML file to PDF without using any software.

Therefore, without further ado, let us begin the process of conversion.

Utilize the Thunderbird email client to save emails.

A Windows user can easily install the Thunderbird email client with the ImportExportTools extension to convert all of your email items to the PSF file format. Hence, in addition to this, one may use the methods, but we will provide you with all the high-quality methods for converting the EML file.

To convert an EML file to PDF format, follow these steps:

For the folder in question:
  1. Install the Thunderbird ImportExportTools extension initially.
  2. Select the Inbox, Draft, Sent, or Trash folder and then click the right mouse button.
  3. Select ImportExportTools, followed by Export all messages in the folder.
  4. Then, choose the PDF format.
For the Messages you’ve chosen:
  1. To begin, select the desired messages.
  2. Select those messages by right-clicking on them.
  3. Then, click on the PDF option.
  4. To begin, click the Browse button.
  5. Choose a location for your messages to be saved from converting multiple EML files to PDF.
  6. Finally, select the folder you’ve chosen and then the PDF format.

By carefully following these steps, you can convert their EML files to the PDF file format. However, what if these manual methods fail? Therefore, continue reading to learn how to deal with this situation effectively.

What to do if Manual Methods Fail to Convert Multiple EML Files to PDF?

This method may occasionally fail when the user wishes to convert an EML file to a PDF file with attachments. Additionally, users must drag and drop each email into their Thunderbird account if they wish to convert their emails to PDF files. As a result, the user requires an alternate method to perform this conversion in this case.

Now, we’ll discuss the second and alternate method of performing this conversion, namely, through Professional Methods.

Professional methods for exporting multiple EML files to PDF

The professional method is one of the most frequently used practices by professionals when exporting EML file to PDF. Here it is suggested to use EML to PDF Converter to convert their emails to the PDF file format by following the steps below:

  1. Install and run the utility.
  2. To add a file, click the Add File button.
  3. Then, add the files you desire.
  4. Then select PDF as the saving option.
  5. Save the changes by clicking the Save button to convert multiple EML files to PDF.

Note: After completing all of these steps, one can convert their EML files to PDF format.

Why do we prefer Professional Techniques over Manual Techniques?

Professional conversion methods facilitate a great deal of independence in the conversion process. Thus, the advantages of professional tools include the following:

  1. It is also simple to convert EML files to other formats such as EMLX, PDF, PST, MBOX, MHT, and HTML.
  2. It enables bulk email conversion. As a result, users are no longer required to use the drag and drop method.
  3. Additionally, users can convert EML files to PDF format with attachments.
  4. In comparison to manual methods, this utility is simple to use.


This technical guide will teach you how to convert EML to PDF with attachments. This guide covers two of the most efficient methods for converting email formats: manual and professional techniques. When the user does not wish to convert their essential emails manually, it is suggested that they use EML Converter. Thus, utilizing these tools to perform this conversion efficiently makes the conversion more secure and robust.

On-Premises Exchange Vs Office 365 {Detailed Explanation}

On-Premises Exchange Vs Office 365 {Detailed Explanation}

Are you looking for a detailed comparison on On-Premises Exchange vs Office 365? Then you have right it. We all are always looking for the best, aren’t we?

That’s why you are here too.

“Should I purchase a new server or migrate my email to the Cloud?”

This question revolves around the mind of every person who wants to migrate his data from one platform to another. Whether it is On-Premises Exchange or Office 365, both have established their value in the market. 

Undoubtedly, they both are the most prominent email platforms globally but depending on your business type. One will prove to be better than the other. 

Are you too confused about Microsoft On-Premise Exchange vs Office 365? 

But you don’t need to worry anymore. We’ve got everything figured out. 

In this blog article, we will analyze all elements of On-Premises Exchange VS Office 365, including their benefits and drawbacks, so that you can make an informed decision.

However, before learning more about On-Premises Exchange and Office 365 and selecting what you want, you need first to understand your company’s needs and expectations.

Some of the factors can be:

  1. How much does it cost to manage the on-site resources?
  2. What type of business does your organization run?
  3. And what is the total expenditure on hardware and software resources?
  4. What kind of benefits Exchange Server on-premises or Online will give?
  5. For how long do you need an application?

Let us now discuss On-Premises Exchange and Office 365 in detail.

What Exactly Is On-premises Exchange?

On-premises Exchange, as the name implies, keeps the Exchange Servers on its premises. It is possible to obtain it by acquiring a client access license. You’ll need enough hardware with Exchange installed for this.

How can On-Premises Exchange benefit you?

  1. It provides complete control over Exchange, allowing the user to modify specifications or settings and quickly manage mailboxes and other items as needed.
  2. Server upgrades, restarts, backups, and shutdowns may all be scheduled and carried out at your leisure.
  3. Exchange Data is entirely in your control, and you know exactly where it is.

Why should you not go for Exchange On-Premises?

  1. Significant expenditure is required at the early stage of installation.
  2. Technical competence is required to manage the DNS Services, Firewalls, and Active Directory for On-premises Exchange Server.
  3. To administer the mailboxes, prohibit illegal access, and restore lost or corrupted mailboxes, an on-site Exchange Administrator, is necessary.
  4. The cost of maintaining and updating hardware and software is exorbitant.
  5. Any failure or disaster to data at Exchange will be entirely the organization’s responsibility (if On-premises Exchange is used).

So, since we have now understood On-Premises Exchange, let’s now move to Office 365? And let’s have a quick overview of Microsoft exchange on-premise vs. Office 365.

Office 365 is a subscription-based cloud-based Software as a Service. Users can subscribe to the plan based on their needs.

There are several Office 365 options available, including Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal, and Office 365 Education.

Benefits of Office 365: 

  1. With Office 365, users may access various services such as hosted Exchange Server, SharePoint, and Skype for Business Server, among others.
  2. Users will always receive the most recent version; there is no need to upgrade all the time. No need to pay for updates.
  3. There is no need to spend on hardware installation at the start.
  4. Office 365 services are available everywhere there is a network connection.
  5. Office 365 is cost-efficient as there is no need to maintain anything.

Disadvantages of Office 365:

  1. Users are unaware that Microsoft has data centers located all over the world. As a result, consumers are unaware of the location of their data.
  2. Office 365 has a problem with archiving mails.
  3. While Microsoft is the most dependable client for data storage, there is some risk of unauthorized access and worry about data integrity, so significant companies are hesitant to use Office 365.
  4. Data migration needs the aid of a third party.

Note: Whether you choose On-Premise Exchange or Office 365, You can use a third-party tool for all your needs. Still, you might want to migrate from Office 365 to On-Premise Exchange and vice versa. But, How will you do it?

Hence, you can go for a professional tool- Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool. Using this tool, you will quickly move your emails, calendars, contacts, etc., to another platform.

Last words on: On-Premises Exchange Vs Office 365

Whether you choose On-Premise Exchange or Office 365 is mainly dependent on your company’s demands, infrastructure, money, and workforce. A remedy that benefits one person may be a curse for another. 

As a result, depending on the advantages and cons of the service, each company should choose between on-premises and online Exchange for their organization. Finally, the company should extensively investigate Office 365 vs. On-Premises Exchange Server.

How to Repair NTFS.SYS Missing or Corrupted Error?

How to Repair NTFS.SYS Missing or Corrupted Error?

User Query:

“When I was installing service pack 2, the system suddenly froze. “Windows could not start because the System32Drivers Ntfs.sys failed or corrupt,” an error message stated when I attempted to restart the system. You can try to repair this file by starting Windows Setup from the original installation CD-ROM. On the first screen, select ‘R’ to start the repair process. I can’t seem to find the source of the issue. Is there a way to get out of this?”

What is Ntfs.sys and Ntfs.sys failed error?

Ntfs.Sys is a windows driver in a computer. This software program allows a computer to communicate with hardware or other connected devices. It means that the driver has direct access to an operating system’s, hardware’s, and other devices’ internals. It is straightforward to start and stop the driver from the Services menu in the Control Panel.

On the other hand, Sys is a file in the Windows file system and a Microsoft file. However, some cases where users encounter an error, such as NTFS.sys, are missing or corrupt. Most of the time, malware disguises itself as NTFS.sys, which also generates such errors. As a result, a user must inspect the NTFS.sys process on the system to ensure it is not a threat. As a result, I will cover “how to manually fix NTFS.SYS Corrupt error in Windows XP” in this article.

“When I booted up my Windows Vista computers at home, they behaved strangely and generated the error “NTFS.sys failed, damaged, or corrupt.” I attempted to restart the computer in order to take a backup and format the hard drive, but it did not work. Furthermore, I’m not sure what this ntfs.sys file is for. Can anyone assist me in getting out of this? It’s becoming increasingly aggravating for me to keep seeing this error. Any ideas on how to fix ntfs.sys corruption in Vista?”

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Error Drivers Ntfs.sys failed Or Corrupted

A user receives the following error message:

NTFS.SYS is either missing or corrupt.

It indicates that the NTFS.sys file is missing or corrupt. As a result, in this post, I will discuss all of the possible reasons.

The causes of this error:

Overclocking may also be a cause of this Windows driver file error. Any changes to bus or memory speeds may result in a problem with memory or other system settings, resulting in file corruption.

Heating Issue: One of the most common causes of file corruption is overheating. Sometimes, the processor heat sink fan isn’t working correctly, causing the corrupt NTFS.sys file.

Malware Infection: If the system holds any virus, the NTFS.sys file may become corrupted and continue to display this error message.

FAT 32 to NTFS Conversion: While converting FAT 32 to NTFS file system, there is a chance that the file will become corrupted in the process due to any reason such as an abnormal shutdown, power failure, and so on.

Memory or Hardware Failure: It is also possible that the system is suffering from a memory or hardware failure. Furthermore, it is not suitable for a system when computer memory suddenly fails. A user suggested resetting computer memory to solve this problem.

Fixing Windows Driver File Errors Manually

Various solutions are available to resolve NTFS.sys failed or corrupt errors that a user can try to resolve NTFS.sys error. They are all listed below:

Using the Recovery Console, replace Ntfs.Sys.

    • When the message “Press any key to boot from CD” appears, the user must insert a Windows CD into the computer and run the CD.

    • Following that, a welcome screen appears, and you must press R to proceed. Select R to use the Recovery Console to repair a Windows XP installation.

    • Now, from the Recovery Console, enter the installation number for which a user wishes to log in.

    • A user must have the administrator password to access the command prompt.

A user must enter the following DOS command into the command prompt:

>> cd windowssystem32drivers Enter

>> ren NTFS.sys NTFS.old Enter

    • These commands rename the existing NTFS.sys file so that the new one can be easily replaced and is corruption-free.

    • Then, type command and Enter:

cd:i386ntfs.sys drive:\windows\system\32drivers\copy      

    • Where cd is a drive letter for a CD-ROM drive. This drive is where you install Windows XP.

    • Now, remove the CD and press the Quit button. Restart your computer.

Using CHKDSK, resolve the Ntfs.sys failed or Corrupt error.

As previously stated, the hard disc can also be one of the causes of NTFS.sys file corruption. As a result, a user can use this attempt to perform a disc check by running CHDSK from the Recovery Console.

After that, launch Command Prompt and enter the following command:


In this case, /R is a command-line switch that will automatically repair any error found on the hard disc. However, CHKDSK can take some time, so be patient and prepared to wait. After resolving all the problematic disc errors, restart the computer.

While Using Windows XP Repair Install, repair Ntfs.Sys

A user can try to repair Windows XP using repair install in this solution. It replaces original Windows system files with originals without affecting applications or settings. To perform the repair installation, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. To configure Windows, repeat the steps above to open the Recovery Console and press Enter instead of the R key.
  2. Now, select the installation to be repaired and press R to start the repair process.
  3. After the completion of reinstallation, successfully restart your system.


Ntfs.Sys is the essential file system of the Windows driver, and it assists Windows in properly booting the system. Users should first understand the causes of unexpected NTFS.sys file-related issues such as NTFS.sys failed or corrupt before resolving such errors.

The preceding article attempted to cover all possible manual methods for successfully resolving NTFS.sys’ missing file issues without the assistance of a professional. Users can rely on these solutions to quickly recover from Windows driver issues by carefully following each instruction.

If you have any queries related to this topic feel free to contact us.

How to backup gmail emails with attachments?

How to backup gmail emails with attachments?

If you are one of those people who want to learn how to backup gmail emails with attachments as EML, you have landed on the right page. Here, we will explain why and how users can perform this operation to download the message.

Being one of the most popularly used web-based email services, Gmail allows many functionalities to its users for effective mail communication. All Gmail users know that it offers only 15 GB of free storage space quickly filled if users receive emails in bulk every day.

There are also risks of losing important emails, making users want to backup Gmail Emails with attachments. EML being a single message file only saves one message at a time, but since there are no other ways users are aware, they search for this query. 

Due to the risks involved in using web-based email services, users tend to back up their data. Although, downloading emails one by one is generally not a suitable solution to take a backup of your data. Also, you cannot open the attached file along with the email separately. 

Let’s find a way out that is the best choice for the users to save data in bulk. 

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Advantageous Technique on How to backup Gmail Emails as EML

Professionals have always recommended that users should create a backup of their data no matter what due to the risks involved with cloud services. It is not related to the cloud-only; any type of service is prone to risks leading to data loss or loss. 

That’s why we have brought here the Gmail Email Backup Software that will help users create a backup of their data in Gmail and save it locally. The software offers several features that a user can choose from, including PST, EML, MBOX, MSG, etc. 

There are only a few steps involved to backup Gmail Emails as EML using the software. But before going through these steps, we’d like to highlight some of its outstanding features:

  • Allows taking a backup of single as well as multiple accounts
  • Offers to save emails along with attachments associated with them
  • Tool provides Delete After Download button to regain server space
  • Provides a Date-Filter option for specifically exporting data
  • Backup Attachments including Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Images etc.
  • Maintains original folder structure and preserves data integrity
  • Compatible with Windows OS versions 10, 8, 7 (32/64 bit)

How to backup Gmail Emails with a attachments using instructions of software?

Following are the instructions for this task:

  • Run the software and enter the email credentials for Gmail, and hit Login.
  • Select the export type as EML and click on the Browse button to change the destination path.
  • Click on the Delete After Download option and hit the Yes button when prompted with confirmation.
  • Choose the Apply Filter button and select the folders and the dates from which you want to download the emails.
  • Finally, press the Start button to complete the backup process. 

By following the given steps, users can take a backup of as many emails as they want in bulk without losing the data integrity. 

Now, let’s understand the manual method of saving the emails one by one. 

Backup Gmail Emails with attachments using the Manual Method

This manual approach that allows users to download emails from your account is an easy-to-use workaround, but certain limitations bring along. We will be explaining the drawbacks after the procedure so that users have a clear vision of how this method works. 

Let’s first take a look at the steps of this procedure. 

  1. Open a web browser and log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the message you want to download to open it.
  3. Select the 3 Vertical Dots or Menu icon to open a drop-down list.
  4. From the list, choose the Download Message option. 

This process answers how to save email as EML in Gmail. You can save the file in your Downloads folder as an EML file with a .eml extension. You can open this file if you have an email client to support this format. 

Now, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of using this approach.

What Limitations Are Imposed by the Manual Method?

The manual approach has the following limitations:

  • Using this technique, you can download only one message at a time. 
  • It doesn’t allow saving emails in bulk leading to a lot of time consumption.
  • For taking a backup or deleting emails to regain storage space, this becomes a lengthy approach.
  • If you want to backup Gmail Emails with attachemnts as EML, this method may download them but only shows the meta-properties of the attached files. 

As per the drawbacks mentioned above, none of the users would want such a lengthy and time-consuming workaround for performing this task. 

In Summarized Format

As known, many users want to delete the emails from their mailbox to save storage space or create a backup of their data for safekeeping. Be it any reason; it is easy for users to go through the process to download the messages with the help of the software. It offers both the functionalities, backup of the data, and deleting data after downloading to regain server space. 

Other than that, there is only one other way to help you learn how to backup Gmail Emails with attachments as EML, which is the manual approach. It is helpful but not so much in the case of downloading emails in bulk.