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Writaway is a free guest posting site and a platform for all bloggers, travelers, and business websites who want to post their blog here and want to get an organic and genuine crowd. It is open to everyone around the globe. Here, you can be a part of us, as a reader, blogger, guest blogger, or storyteller. We believe in creativity and, creativity comes from inside. We believe that everyone is a creator here. Writaway is an open platform for all as we are here to spread wisdom through our thoughts and knowledge through our experience. 

Here, we share all the simple but powerful stories which will sparkle your world and will direct you to make the right choice. We promote fair and genuine information that will make your life less miserable. You will get all the high quality and updated information on all possible fields. We are here to allow you to write yourself in your words.

Our Motto

Our motto is to promote life-changing activities so that they can help you and our other readers to grow and find their way. So we aim to expand our knowledge and vision through the digital platform that will help you and us grow in every field. Our goal is to provide reliable information for our readers in simple words so that they look good to the eyes.


The best part of this website is you can get instant approval on your blog if they are genuine and valid. Writaway is open for everyone around the globe. And the goal is to get maximum traffic on the site and which allows you as a writer to get an ample amount of readers’ reach.

How Writaway can help you?

Once you visit our website so you will find blogs on all possible domains which are created by keeping in mind the audience and their field of interests, however, there is google to give you information on all that but, Writaway is different. It gives you precise information and blocks all the unwanted information you crawl down online. It is an online blog posting website where everyone with good thoughts and knowledge is welcome to share their stories. 

Through Writaway:

We believe that many bloggers, writers & readers look forward to expanding their knowledge but don’t get a platform. We are here to provide you that platform. By doing that, one can get the highest onsite publicity of their ideas, knowledge, experience, and thoughts. We believe that if we work together, then we grow together.

So if you want to target the right audience to know your thoughts, then we will be more than happy to give you the right platform and organic crowd.