Backup Your Gmail Emails With Safe Solutions!

Backup Your Gmail Emails With Safe Solutions!

Gmail is a free email service of google with a feature-rich environment. Users store lots of information in Gmail, which can be very crucial for them, such as bank statements, Govt. documents, emails, and other important data. Gmail users can temporarily lose access to their email account, or anyone can get authorized access to their Gmail account. For eliminating these horrifying scenarios, we suggest always keeping a full backup of Gmail emails. 

In this write-up, I’ll describe two well-known methods to backup Gmail emails. One is by using a native way, and the second one is using a Gmail Backup tool. Let’s elaborate.

Google Takeout to Backup Gmail Emails

Google Takeout, despite the name it is no food service. It is an inbuilt utility provided by Google to download existing Google data. Users can use it if they have sufficient time and want to perform the backup manually. There are two ways to use this method.


  • First, log in to your Gmail account.
  • Make a click on your profile and click on the Manage your Google Account option.
  • Now select Data & Privacy from the left pane and navigate the Download your Data option. 
  • Next will be the Google Takeout window, select the Mail and choose the file format to store data. After that, click on the Next Step button. (Also can select specific items). 
  • Now choose where you want your data for download and also select frequency, File type & size. Once done, click the Create Export option. 


  • Login to your Gmail account.
  • Then Search the Google Takeout on Google.
  • Now, click on the Download your Data option. 
  • Select the Mail checkbox and choose the file format to store the backup. 
  • Then, choose a destination, frequency, and backup file size. 
  • At last, click on the Create Export option.

These are two processes to use the Google takeout feature to backup Gmail emails. But Google takeout has a few limitations, for example:

  1. It has a limit of 2-3 archives per day and 7 per week.
  2. Google Takeout may take days or weeks to accomplish the task. 
  3. The shared folder will not be downloaded using Google Takeout, even if the folder has files created by you. 
  4. Google Takeout process can get interrupted, and you have to start over the backup process. 
  5. You cannot backup Gmail emails in batches. Hence, you can only backup your Gmail account.

A better way to backup Gmail emails is using a third-party tool. There are many third-party Gmail backup software on the internet. 

A backup tool named Shoviv Gmail Backup tool is the best software to backup Gmail mailboxes. 

Gmail Backup Tool to Store Gmail Emails in Local Directory

It is a Gmail Backup tool designed by professionals and provided with multiple advanced features. The software allows users to backup Gmail mailboxes into PST format, and also users can backup Gmail emails concurrently. Let’s go through the step-step process. 

  • Install and open the software on your system. 
  • Then, click on the Backup Jobs option from the dashboard. 
  • Now provide the job name and add Gmail mailboxes to backup. 
  • Next, browse/create a backup directory to store backup files. 
  • Then use the filter option to include/exclude specific items. 
  • Following will be Scheduler wizard, schedule the backup process. 
  • The last wizard will be other settings. From here, you can run multiple threads to maximize the speed. 
  • At last, click on the Create Backup Job button.

After completing all the steps, the Shoviv Gmail Backup tool will start to backup Gmail emails.

Why Prefer Automated Tool over Native Method?

The manual method may save you some bucks, but Google Takeout stores Gmail backup in MSG file format, and you can have multiple MSG files. Also, the Shoviv Gmail Backup tool has many user-oriented features. 

  1. It has a default incremental backup feature to resume the interrupted process without creating any duplicate. 
  2. Users can backup multiple Gmail mailboxes in a single batch, and the numbers of Gmail mailboxes don’t affect the software skills. 
  3. This software allows users to schedule the backup process daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Also, it can backup Gmail emails concurrently.
  4. Allows users to include/exclude specific items from the backup process. 
  5. If the process stops in the middle of the backup, users can resume and restart it from the dashboard. 
  6. It is the most advanced and cost-effective way to backup Gmail emails. 
  7. Users are enabled to create multiple backup jobs and run them simultaneously. 

Wrapping Up

In this blog, we have discussed why to keep Gmail emails backup and ways to backup Gmail emails. Here, I have provided two methods now it depends on you what you choose. But before making any decision, install and use the free Shoviv Gmail Backup tool version to get a better idea about it. 

{Tutorial}How to Export/Save Office 365 Emails on Desktop?

{Tutorial}How to Export/Save Office 365 Emails on Desktop?

This blog post will go through the topmost user query of “how to save Office 365 emails on desktop” without any problem. In this today’s environment, maximum users are shifted their data from desktop to cloud storage. But what you will do when you need to access your data urgently, and your system does not have a proper internet connection. You will not access your data at that time, and you don’t have any other way to access it.

So, to avoid such type of situation, you can take a backup of your complete Office 365 data on your desktop and make a copy of it. But, the primary question is how to take backup Office 365 mailboxes to the desktop?

Do not worry if you have the same question as mentioned above because you will get the fantastic techniques to solve it. So, we should start discussing the different ways to save email Office 365 online to desktop-supported file formats without taking any more time. Keep reading.

Different Methods to Save Email Office 365 Online on Desktop

Well! There are many manual and professional techniques available to solve how to save Office 365 email on desktop supported formats. These solutions are listed below:

  1. Office 365 Backup Tool (Save Office 365 mailboxes to multiple formats)
  2. Copy Office 365 Email files to PST format
  3. Backup Office 365 to HTML
  4. Save O365 Email Data as PDF

We will discuss all the methods mentioned above to save Office 365 folder data to the desktop in the other sections. So, keep following the next section.

Method 1: Use Office 365 Backup Software

  • Download and open the O365 email backup tool on Windows PC
  • Choose Office Backup >> click Next
  • Tap on the “Add” button or “+” sign and type login details of the O365 account
  • Choose the available options and click the Login button
  • View imported O365 email accounts and click Next
  • Choose source mailbox >> Hit Next button
  • Select folders from the left and go to choose the saving output option from the long list of multiple options
  • Use advance filters and other options as per the backup requirements. Then, set the location to save output files
  • Quickly, hit on the Next button to starts the backup procedure. You can enjoy seeing live backup on the software screen.
  • Get the confirmation message of the successful O365 email backup process. Click OK and go to access your files.

Must Read: – Experts suggested solution comes with various excellent benefits like- offers many output formats, save email attachments, supports batch emails backup at once, technical expertise not required, and so on.

Method 2: Office 365 Emails Copy to PST

In this section, we will save your Office 365 emails to PST file format with the help of the manual working guide. Under this approach, users can download Office 365 emails in PST format. We know that MS Outlook creates and saves their data in PST file format, so here we will configure the Office 365 account into MS Outlook. Let’s go to start the step by step working to save O365 to PST.

Follow the steps that we have mentioned below:

  • Install and open MS Outlook email client.
  • Add the Office 365 account on the Microsoft Outlook desktop application
  • Now, go to click on the File>> Import & Export.
  • Under the Import and Export Wizard, select the Export to a File option
  • Then, choose ‘Outlook data file’ to export mailbox content to a .pst file
  • Also, make sure to check the box next to Include Subfolders.
  • At last, go to click on the Finish to start the O365 Export to PST process.

Must Read: – MS Outlook installation is compulsory. And, the above working guide comes with many issues like- restrictions on bulk files backup, email attachments not be saved, etc.

Method 3: Export Office 365 Emails into HTML

This method is another manual way to save Office 365 emails to Desktop HTML format. With this method, users can save Office 365 emails in .html file format.

So, follow the steps we have described below to complete this procedure:

  • To start the process, first, you need to shift to the Mail view and open your mailbox folder, which contains the email file for backup in HTML.
  • Then, quickly go to choose the File>> Save As
  • The above step will show the file explorer window. Navigate to the destination where all the email file needs to be saved.
  • Then, give a particular name to that File and click on the Save as Type that shows a drop-down box where you need to select HTML. Then, hit Save.

Must Read: -To save two or more emails, you need to repeat these steps repeatedly. Also, it is a very lengthy process for bundles of files conversion that takes a lot of precious time.

Method 4: Office 365 Emails as PDF Document Format

We should know that Microsoft does not give any PDF option as a default Save as type. So, first, you need to save your Office 365 emails as HTML with the help of Method 3 and then save all that HTML into PDF file format.

Follow the steps to save O365 data to PDF document file format:

  • Firstly, follow the complete steps of method 3 to save the email file in HTML format.
  • Then, start your Microsoft Word and go to click on the File>> Open
  • Now, choose that HTML file that is saved in the first step
  • And, go to click on the File>> Save As.
  • Now, select PDF as the file type appear in the drop-down box
  • Finally, go to hit on the Save button to finish the process.

Must Read: – To save Office 365 emails to PDF format, you have to follow the two rounds in which first you need to save O365 data to HTML and then HTML to PDF format. It includes lengthy steps that may be followed by technical use only.

Summarizing the Post

From the above discussion, you can freely choose any of the techniques you want to perform to save O365 email on desktop formats. But, first, take a single try to download the free Office 365 Backup Tool demo edition and save the first 100 emails and 25 other items from Office 365 to PST, PDF, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLx, and any other format. This demo edition is free of cost for all users. After using it, you can directly purchase a license key for bundles of files backup at once.