Office 365 is a subscription-based service that allows users to add SharePoint, Live Exchange, Skype, Microsoft office, et cetera to their subscription plan. It has gained more than 150 million users in the last four years and became the fastest-growing product from Microsoft. It is the best way to increase productivity in an organization, and it has different types of subscription plans for different types of organizations. Most of you are thinking if Office 365 is this much user-centric, then why we need to backup Office 365 mailbox? 

In this write-up, we will describe why there is a need to backup Office 365 mailbox and how to backup Office 365 data. Let’s start with the instances that arise the need for Office 365 mailbox backup.

Reasons to create Office 365 email backup:

The only concern we think with Office 365 is Microsoft doesn’t provide any reliable utility for Office 365 mailbox backup. Users have to backup Office 365 mailbox data manually, and there are multiple reasons which arise the need for Office 365 backup. Some of them are:

  1. We all know Office 365 is cloud-based software and stores user data on the cloud. It makes data accessibility much easy than ever before but also increases the chances of data breaching. So it is better to have a full Office 365 email backup.
  2. Office 365 store data on the cloud, but where? And where will you find it to retrieve? The big question is, where is your data? According to the Microsoft service availability, Microsoft is not liable for any type of disruption and data loss. Hence users have to take care of their data by themselves.    
  3. No business can exist with the vast amount of data it creates. We recommend a timely backup of your data. Having data backup is a great move, as you can use it to retrieve your data. 

These are the few but horrifying reasons to backup Office 365 data. Besides this, the backup will save you from many security threats. Now the question is How to backup Office 365 mailbox?

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Ways for Office 365 Backup:

There are many manual ways for Office 365 mailbox backup, but non-of them will fulfill your need. Moreover, manual methods come with limitations and risk of data loss, it asks for technical knowledge, and manually there is no guarantee of successful backup of Office 365 data. The biggest drawback is, it doesn’t provide an option for scheduled Office 365 backup. Hence, if you forgot to backup your recent data and your system got affected by malware or other issues, then you will lose all your current data.

So we, and Microsoft suggest the use of third-party software to regular Office 365 email backup. 

Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool:

Shoviv software is a renowned name for providing the best Data recovery, migration, and backup solutions. It provides an Office 35 Backup and Restores solution to create Office 365 mailbox backup in the PST file. The software comes with a convenient GUI that allows everyone to use this software without technical knowledge and assistance. It provides different user-centric features for effortless Office 365 email backup. Some of its key features are:

  • Schedule Backup: It allows users to schedule the Office 365 backup process on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This feature comes in handy to get rid of remembering the backup process. 
  • Incremental Backup: The software comes with an Incremental feature that makes this software stand above the competition. The Incremental backup feature allows users to backup increased data in the same PST file without duplicity. Moreover, the incremental option resumes the process if it gets interrupts.
  • Filter Option: The software provides a filter option to backup Office 365 emails in an effortless manner. The filter option is on Date Range, Message Class, and Folder Filter basis. This option comes in handy to eliminate unwanted data from the backup process.
  • Backup Public folder and Archive mailbox: Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool allows users to backup the Public folder and Archive mailboxes of Office 365 in the PST file format hassle-freely.
  • Live Report: The software provides a live log report of the process. The log report keeps the information about the process such as Item count, item process, status, etc. Users can also save the log report.
  • Free Trial Version: Shoviv Software provides a free trial version of the software that allows users to evaluate the software skills before purchasing it. Besides this, the free version allows the processing of the first 50 items per folder. 

Final Words:   

In this blog, we have discussed Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool that allows the users to backup Office 365 mailbox with minimum effort. This backup tool is compatible with all versions of Outlook and Windows Operating System. Must check the free trial version of the software.