We need to undergo OneDrive data migration in Office 365 due to many circumstances. At the moment, the most arising question is how to move files from OneDrive to another? Hence, we have described the two proven ways to do this operation safely in Office 365. 

Let’s have a quick overview of the real-life situation to understand the problems faced by the users.

User Query:

I need to transfer files from OneDrive to another account from my former university to my current university. What software is available in the market today to do this operation, or what is the process? I tried a few, but they did not work effectively, and I have a hundred GB of data to be migrated.


Unfortunately, migration sounds cool, while the reality differs from it. There are two ways considered to transfer OneDrive files to another in Office 365:

Method: 1 Manual Transfer {Error Prone & Time Consuming}

Method: 2 Use Professional Software {Secure & Reliable}

Let’s discuss step by step procedure for how to move OneDrive files to another using both approaches. Moreover, we will suggest the most reliable way to do the same in the upcoming section.

Manual Approach to Transfer OneDrive Files to Another Account

  • Log in using your source OneDrive account credentials and select the desired files and folders to your local computer.
  • Now, login to your destination OneDrive account using your account credentials. 
  • Upload all the downloaded files to this OneDrive account. You can manually download all the required data and upload them to your destination user account easily.

You must be thinking that this is an easy solution for this type of data migration in Office 365. Though, this approach is not practical for large-sized data files to migrate to the destination account. 

Moreover, this approach has various limitations and drawbacks, as it may show syncing issues, and it becomes a cumbersome task to upload massive data to the destination account. This approach does not keep the data file integrity and folder structure at the post-migration stage. That can create further sensitive data loss and confusion. Here is the best way to perform this operation with 100% data security & integrity.

The Ultimate Solution to Transfer Files from OneDrive to Another

In the above section, we have discussed the step-by-step manual solution of Downloading & Uploading for this data transfer. Now let’s discuss the best alternative to the manual approach.

Microsoft does not provide us any direct way or tool to carry out this operation easily. Therefore, we advise users to practice a tried and tested professional utility. We suggest the OneDrive migration tool for this operation. It ensures a smooth and reliable data transfer experience. Here are the working steps of this utility follow if for the same. 

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Quick Steps on How to Move Files from One Drive to Another

  • Install & Launch the utility 
  • Choose Office 365 as the source & destination migration platforms
  • Log in with source & destination admin credentials, Admin ID & Application ID
  • Create Group Mapping between source & destination accounts
  • Click on the start migration to transfer files from one drive to another

Detailed Steps with Screenshots to Move Files from One Drive to Another

Step 1. Install the described tool on your Windows OS and launch it. Choose Office 365 as the source and the destination migration platforms.

Step2. Now, you select the migrate document permission option. And allow group mapping, and click on the Next button.

Note: You can use the date filter for selective data migration, it provides an option to select the date range, and the software will only migrate those data which comes in that date range. 

Step3. Login using the admin credentials of the source and destination tenants such as Admin ID and Application ID and click on the validate button.

Step4. Now, map the source and the destination user accounts by creating a group mapping. We have three different options like Fetch Users, Import Users, and Download Template.

Step5. Use any of these options and create group mapping and click on the validate button.  

Step6. The software will validate all the required permissions and then click on the start migration button to transfer files from OneDrive to another in Office 365.

Final Verdict

Users must understand the potential errors and data loss risk in the conventional approach. Hence, we endeavor to explain the right way to move files from OneDrive to another account.

One can perform OneDrive migration in Office 365 effectively using the professional tool without losing a bit of data.