How to Migrate Exchange to Office 365? Reliable & Easy Solution

How to Migrate Exchange to Office 365? Reliable & Easy Solution

Since cloud computing is increasing by the day, more and more businesses are planning Office 365 migration from Exchange.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic and the work from home situations, on-premise servers were not an ideal service which is why users started moving to the cloud.

Those who had Exchange On-Premise servers have switched from Office 365, and some are still planning for it.

Office 365 is most user’s choice due to its communication, collaboration, & productivity abilities.

However, migrating from one platform to another can be a headache and causes frustration on another level.

So, if you want to perform Office 365 migration from Exchange 2016, you should take help from the expert solution, i.e., Exchange to Office 365 Migration Software.

If you want to go for the manual methods, here are some factors that need to be kept in mind while choosing the migration type as listed below:

  • How long does this Migration take?
  • What is your budget for Migration?
  • How many mailboxes do you want to migrate?
  • What is your existing email system?
  • Which Exchange version have you been using till now?

Let’s now take a look at those manual methods.

Three Different Manual Techniques to Perform Office 365 Migration from Exchange

There are three methods that you can go for if you have the required technical expertise or assistance.

These techniques are time-consuming and hard to learn by a novice user. So if you are technically weak, it is suggested not to go for these methods without expert assistance.

Also, make sure you have all the answers to the questions asked below and then perform the Migration.

The three methods for Migration are:

  1. Cutover Migration
  2. Staged Migration
  3. Hybrid Migration

We will go through a brief of these techniques to migrate Exchange 2016 to Office 365.

Let’s jump into it!

Method 1 – Export Data Using Cutover Migration

A cutover migration is an easy technique to be used which is designed for small business types that have less than 1000 user mailboxes. You can use this technique to migrate data rapidly and all at once.

There may be times when this method may not work correctly, even for small businesses, with huge mailboxes. In such a case, it can take a lot of time to complete the migration process.

Method 2 – Office 365 Migration from Exchange Using Staged Migration

With the help of Staged Migration, everything will be moved in batches. It means that all the resource mailboxes and the users will be transitioned in batches from Exchange 2003 and 2007.

Businesses of medium sizes having around 2,000 mailboxes can use this technique. Using this technique, you can move mailboxes in batched over a certain period.

What it needs is the use of the Directory Synchronization tool to replicate your accounts.

Method 3 – Migrate Exchange 2016 to Office 365 Via Hybrid Migration

This method for Migration is the most flexible one but also the most complicated. Hybrid Migration is used by huge enterprises wherein the admin has to create a hybrid Exchange Server deployment by building coexistence between the Exchange Server and Office 365.

After that, the integration of Office with Exchange server is possible along with the existing Active Directory.

How to Migrate Data Effortlessly and Effectively?

Using the software mentioned in the beginning, you can perform a safe, quick, and painless Office 365 migration from Exchange.

The software allows you to perform the migration process without any failure and with the original folder hierarchy as in the source platform.

There are various features that the tool has to offer, making this process easier that are we are going to explain later. Let’s first find out the steps of the software.

  1. Run the tool and go to the Setup tab to choose Source as Exchange and Destination as Office 365.
enter source and destination users
  • Choose the categories you want to move and mark the Date-Filter option to set dates for selective Office 365 migration from Exchange 2016 in Workload Selection.
  • Enter the details for your Exchange account in the Source window and press the Validate button then hit Next.
Source screen
  • Fill in the admin credentials for Office 365 in the Destination window, Validate it and click on Next.
Office 365 as destination
  • Now, select the Fetch Users or Import Users option to fetch the user mailboxes.
  • Here, set priorities for users to be exported before others, Validate the accounts and hit Start Migration option.
Validation Completed

Your data will be moved in a few seconds or minutes at most.

Features Offered by the Tool to Perform Office 365 Migration from Exchange

  • Use the Date-filter to set dates for a certain time period to export data selectively
  • Migrate multiple user mailboxes simultaneously in a single shot
  • Newly arrived data migration via Delta Migration by rescanning mailboxes
  • Check the status of the ongoing process via inbuilt dashboard
  • Option to Re-run the entire migration process if needed
  • Retry failed items if any data is skipped or failed during first process
  • Concurrent Migration option for batch migration to improve efficiency

Ending Note

It is not an easy process to perform Office 365 migration from Exchange if you do not have the technical expertise and choose the manual methods for migration.

The need for migration arose due to the pandemic situation and now it is growing widely. For a quick migration, we have also explained the working of a tool that can be used to migrate data easily.