Now and again, for instance, via synchronization, when we receive emails or after moving our mails from an old to a new or another account, the duplication of email messages might get started in Outlook. The elimination of the copied items in Outlook might get done by following some steps or instructions. However, this is a much tedious cycle or can be performed using an Outlook duplicate remover that can be done by spending a few minutes. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss how to remove these duplicate items in Outlook.

A manual method can help remove duplicates from a PST file. It is a long and complicated process; however, using a professional tool is quicker and more effective.

Why do Outlook items duplicate?

Some of the various common reasons that can lead to PST data duplication are:

  • The mailbox setting is incorrect.
  • The inappropriate settings of a mailbox.
  • Incorrect account setup.
  • Technical issues.
  • By using any third-party antivirus scanner.
  • Incorrectly configured rules.

Downsides of duplicates in PST files

Duplicated items in PST files can create some significant difficulties like:-

-Data corruption, the delayed performance of the application. In a nutshell, it may disturb the efficiency of the mailbox and can cause some unwanted errors.

– Whenever the application starts, msgs on the server get reloaded. This affects the overall performance of the system.

– More than one item in the mailbox results in the PST’s enlargement and causes corruption in the file.

– Since every business has to deal with much data and daily emails, this can be a significant problem.

How to remove duplicate items from Outlook’s PST files?

To exclude the duplicate email files from your Outlook; first of all, you get ready to eliminate the copied items of Microsoft Outlook. You need to discover the reason for the trouble and afterward settle the issue. However, if you cannot accomplish something, then follow the description.

Configure the procedures correctly to verify whether the Outlook commands are set up correctly or not. Nevertheless, if it is incorrect, it will create errors between different email folders. To avoid this, make sure you organize the rules correctly.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to remove duplicate items.

1- Set up your inbox updates periodicity:

 It would help if you uplifted the inbox update frequency. Start Outlook and go to the send/receive option. Now click on Send or Receive Groups. Set the significance by 15-30 minutes.

2- Clean up your inbox:

The Outlook is tied with various utilities and add-ins, which can help you erase the duplicate items easily. Follow the steps to do so:

  • Start Outlook.
  • Click on any mailbox folder.
  • Go to Home> Clean-up.

Now configure the below steps:

-The Clean-up conversation will erase and move the duplicate files that are available there. 

– Clean-Up Folder will eliminate the copied emails from any particular folder 

– Clean-Up Folders with Subfolders will clean up the duplicate folders and subfolders.

Now right click on the Deleted items folder and click on the empty folder. It will permanently delete emails from there.

3- Antivirus Application

Now, if you get copied items in your mailbox, it can happen because of the ending of the server connection and surroundings of the Antivirus application. On the other hand, If the server’s connection doesn’t close correctly, at that point, the emails that are not flagged as identified will make duplicates. To agree with this, you need to read the Antivirus application manual and restrain email protection.

In the above steps, we examined how you can eliminate duplicate items in Outlook utilizing manual strategies. But at times, manual methods do not perform well to eliminate copy messages. In this case, we intend to say is, manual techniques are not the ideal method to eliminate duplicate items in Outlook, as they have limitations and disarray. Manual processes are very multipart to seek after. Users should eliminate exact items individually in manual steps, and the methodology turns out to be slow and dreary.

4- Using a third-party tool

The third-party tools are designed in such a technique that you don’t need to stress over duplicate files or other exact Outlook items anymore. There is a programmed Outlook duplicate remover that can make your life easy. Below is the information on the Outlook duplicate remover tool.

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Outlook duplicate remover- A professional software

The third-party tool can be one of the protuberant tools to eliminate duplicate items in Outlook. One can quickly eliminate copied items by practicing Outlook duplicate remover tool. It allows the user to eradicate Outlook emails of various files in a solitary practice. Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool can eliminate identical items in Outlook along with the calendar, records, errands, notes, and so on. The tool offers different highlights to like an extraordinary working experience.

PST Duplicate Remover Tool is the ideal key for removing duplicate items in a PST record. You can wipe out copies by using Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool. It eliminates Outlook messages of different PST records in one go. It can erase duplicate emails in PST records other than eliminating calendars, journals, tasks, notes, and so forth.

A few highlights of an Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool

Some Outlook Duplicate Remover tools have unassuming graphical UI, which makes it simple to use for everybody, including non-technical users. Also, the software has a check/uncheck feature that permits users to eliminate duplicate content according to them. Additionally, a feature to eliminate deleted items comes with this software. So, one can pick that alternative for eliminating the deleted duplicate files. 

Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool can save the new PST record in the desired target after eliminating the duplicate items. 

  •  Removes duplicate Outlook emails, calendars, journals, notes, contacts, undertakings, and so on.
  •  Facilitates the elimination of duplicates across and inside the Outlook folder.
  •  Removes Outlook emails for different files at a specific time in a batch manner.
  •  Co-ordinates with ANSI and Unicode both PST file form, without size limitation. 
  •  Compulsory to utilize MS Outlook email client in performing mode while using this tool. 
  •  Support for all MS Outlook versions and Windows operating systems of an email client.


Nobody wants duplicity in the data, however, if for some reason, there is an issue of duplication in the PST files, the necessity for a duplicate elimination technique is an unquestionable requirement. While, for efficiently eliminating duplicity, manual strategies can not be wanted as there are numerous disadvantages identified with the manual methods. To conclude, the use of a specific Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool is valuable for this undertaking as it offers the favored outcomes.