Beautiful view on the bus ride between Cebu and Oslob.

Due to Cebu city not having any free and accessible beaches, I took the advice from my hostel and decided to go check out a famed “quiet” and peaceful hostel near Oslob, with the hopes of taking it easy and relaxing on the beach. On my way to catch a bus I met a girl in the jeepney who told me she was also heading to oslob and could show me the way. We rode the bus together and she invited me to her friends birthday party that night.

I had been to Filipino BBQs and parties in Canada and was ecstatic to experience one here, I felt blessed for the opportunity. We ate some Filipino delicacies such as pork adobo, sweet rice, and Filipino spaghetti, we even had cake and brownies. We sat by the sea, enjoying the fresh breeze and grassy carpet under my feet. The sky was clear, full of stars and I had a beautiful view of other islands not so far off in the distance. They inquired about my life and shared with me their own stories. Many of the girls were around my age and already had a few kids.

We rode scooters to villages up into the hills together later that week.

Oslob Food Market

The town offers a nightly bbq market. You can eat fresh bbq squid, chicken, pork, and fish, all covered in the typical Filipino bbq sauce. It’s relatively inexpensive, 40p for a chicken thigh, but the price will vary slightly between stalls. You grab a plate and chose your skewers. They have the typically processed meat sausages and all part soup of the chicken are available on a stick. You have the option to order rice with your meal as well as roasted eggplant with raw tomatoes and onion. The market is largest on Sundays, and you can find all sorts of fresh seafood, shop the ukay ukay( thrift stalls), buy eggs, fresh fruits, and knock off merchandise.

Rolling hills a short distance from Oslob. This beautiful town is one of the many popular Cebu island destinations. It’s particularly famed for its whale sharks, which you can see for around 20-30$. I chose not to visit these gentle giants as I didn’t want to support the agitation of their natural habitat (but that’s a personal choice).

Hope you enjoy this city!