In this article, we are going to provide you a top and ultimate solution to migrate emails from one account to another Microsoft 365. Just follow this guide to perform this migration smoothly without facing any data loss.

But before proceeding to the solution for the same, let’s have a quick glance at a real-life situation.

User Query

Looking for a secure and reliable solution to Migrate Emails from One Account to Another Microsoft 365, because of urgent (business merger situation) data transfer need, I really have to perform this migration. I have tried my best to find direct approaches to carry out this task, but there is no manual way to do the same. I would be grateful if anyone recommends me a quick solution, it could be a manual method or automated tool.”


Microsoft 365 is pretty common in today’s era, and lots of business organizations are using it for their daily communication and productivity. The rapid growth of mergers and acquisition activities within the business organizations leaves the businesses dealing with massive data migration projects, including the need to Transfer Microsoft 365 Emails to another Account, Due to this, the data migration queries are arising very often.

What are the Possible Ways to Transfer Microsoft 365 Emails to another Account?

There are two ways that generally be considered for data migration in Microsoft 365, first is the manual approach using PowerShell cmdlet scripts, and another the automated solution. The manual method consists of technical scripts of PowerShell, and to perform this operation, one should technically sound. In this article, we will show you a quick solution apart from the tough cmdlet scripts.

Automated Approach to Migrate Emails from One Account to Another Microsoft 365

As, Microsoft did not provide any direct method or solution, or tool for any type of data migration project in Microsoft 365 hence it is suggested to use a professional utility to carry out the migration project safely. In this situation we suggest the Office 365 To Office 365 Migration Tool, this is a powerful utility that can seamlessly migrate multiple types of data, without any hindrance.

Easy Steps to Migrate Emails from One Account to Another Microsoft 365

Step 1. Download this utility and run on your local computer.

Step 2. Select Office 365 as the source migration platform and the destination migration Platform and proceed further.

Step 3. This utility can migrate emails, documents calendars, and contacts in Microsoft 365. Select the desired items and use a date-based filter for the desired date range data to be migrated.

Step 4. In this step use the admin credentials to log in to the source and the destination account and validate permissions, by clicking on the validate button and click on the next button in order to migrate Emails from One Account to Another Microsoft 365.

Step 5. Now create group mapping and in order to do this, the utility gives us three different options, and those are, Fetch Users, Import Users, and Download Template. Select any of that and proceed with the steps.

Step 6. In the last step, click on the validate button, and after validation click on the start migration button. Migration in Just a few minutes.

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Features of this utility make it stand alone

  • Migrate Emails, Contacts, Calendars & Document from One Office 365 Account to another
  • Supports to copy/move/transfer the mailboxes in different Microsoft 365 domains
  • Provides Option to import CSV to add Microsoft 365 source & the destination mailbox information
  • Supports to export Calendars repetition while migrating Microsoft 365 Tenants
  • Supports the migration of different Microsoft 365 subscription plans along with data
  • Date Filter option for Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and Documents during Microsoft 365 migration between the specific date range

Demo Version

This utility comes with free demo versions, users can avail themselves by activating this utility. The demo versions work in the same way and users can migrate two user accounts for free. They need to buy a license for the same.

Final Verdict

Migrating emails from one account to another in Microsoft 365 can be a tough and tedious task. To make it easier for users we have come up with a smart automated solution. 

However, the manual approach can be used for the small size of email data. But, for large data files also it requires the user to be a technocrat, and for a novice, it’s always suggested to use a secure and reliable utility to perform this migration project.