Are you looking for a reliable way to download all emails from Office 365 to your local storage?

In this article, we endeavored to provide you the best and secure way to do the same. Read the article carefully, and you will get a beneficial solution.

Before getting into the step-by-step solution, let’s have a glance at a real-life scenario.

User Query:

 “I am stuck in a situation in which I have an urgent need to download all Office 365 emails to my local computer. However, I have no idea how to perform this task in Microsoft 365. Nevertheless, I need a reliable solution as these emails are crucial for me and I do not want to lose them. Please let me know if there is any direct way or tool for the same.”


As Outlook has transferred its services to the cloud, it creates various issues faced by its users. Most of them are facing difficulties while saving their Office 365 emails to their local storage. Moreover, while keeping the emails in portable formats, it is showing errors. Hence in the coming section, we will provide you the best possible way to do the same.

There are plenty of ways to download emails from Office 365 to your computer. However, we will discuss only the most reliable one. Here, we consider two ways to do this operation safely.

1. Configure Office 365 with Outlook Desktop Application (Tedious & Time Consuming)

2. Using Automated Professional Utility (Secure & Reliable Process)

Approach: 1 – Configure Office 365 with Outlook Desktop Application to download Office 365 Emails


To use this manual method, you have to download and install the desktop version of Outlook on your local computer.

  • Browse to your computer’s Control Panel and select Mail.
  • Click on the Add option from the main window.
  • A dialogue box will open, select Manual Setup or Additional server types, and click on the Next button.
  • Choose Office 365 and enter the login credentials, and click Next.
  • This process will take your Office 365 account, and after that, you will able to see the Autodiscover.xml login portal, login here with O365 account details, and click next.

Now, open the Outlook desktop application and verify all your emails associated with the account. At this point, you have successfully configured the Office 365 account to the Outlook desktop application. Further, let’s discuss the steps to download Office 365 emails to the Desktop.

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Manual Steps to Download Office 365 emails to Desktop:

  • Launch Outlook Application and browse to File Option and click on the Import & Export button.
  • Here, choose the Export to file option.
  • Now, select the Outlook data file option to save emails to PST file format.
  • In the last step, tick the checkbox to include the subfolder and click on the finish button.

Challenges Faced While Using Manual Approach to Download Office 365 Emails

    1. Tedious and Time-Consuming Process: As the manual procedure consists of configuring the user accounts, exporting from an email application, etc., which can result in a conundrum process for the users. Moreover, if you have multiple accounts to go through this process, then it not possible for all accounts to be configured manually.

    2. Expertise in Outlook Required: Since Office 365 account configuration could be technical for some users, and they may find it challenging to execute, resulting in multiple errors, which users cannot fix by themselves and will require Microsoft Outlook experts to resolve all issues.

Approach: 2 Using Automated Utility to Download Office 365 Emails to Computer

To solve this problem, we suggest you download Office 365 Email Backup and Restore. This software is capable to backup Office 365 emails into PST file formats safely. Also, this utility is well-engineered to provide multiple intelligent features and to back up the massive Office 365 email data in a single go. Hence, it becomes the first choice for users who are looking to do the same.

Step By Step Procedure to Download Office 365 Emails to Desktop:

  • Download, install and run this software on your Windows machine.Then, select Office 365 as the source and choose Outlook as the destination.
  • Choose the email option from the categories list provided in this utility and use the date filter for selective data backup and click Next.
  • Logs in with Microsoft 365 admin account credentials like Admin ID & Application ID and validate it by clicking on the validate button.
  • Now, choose the file destination path for your resultant PST file from Office 365 to your local machine.
  • Here, choose the desired mailbox from the list of Outlook 365 mailboxes, and click on the Start backup button to download office 365 emails to the computer.

Wrapping Up

We have the best two ways on how to download all emails from Office 365. It depends on the users, whether they choose the manual configuration or use the automated utility to do the same. However, many experts found the utility is more promising and secure to perform this operation with maximum data protection and integrity.