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This article will talk about the possible reasons for the users to convert NSF to PST. Then we will jump into the manual method and the best NSF to PST Converter tool to let users know which way is convenient.

Users prioritize the PST file format for keeping the data backup. It is equally portable, compatible & secure of all. There is no change occurs in the accessibility of the PST when the Outlook profile or system changes. In both these scenarios, users can access their PST file format without any data variation in the file’s content. The NSF file belongs to Lotus Notes, and Outlook supports PST. So, when users desire to shift from Lotus Notes to Outlook, they require to convert NSF to PST.

Why leave Lotus Notes & Adopting Outlook (PST)?

Before the MS collaboration with Outlook, the Lotus Notes was hugely popular among users. When MS and Outlook came together, users shifted to Outlook. Microsoft is in itself a reason, but this application has also been successful because of its powerful and diversified features:

  • Users can use Outlook even in offline mode at any time.
  • It provides comparatively better file protection and security.
  • Made data management more effortless than before.
  • Users do not need much expertise to use this application, additionally, it comes with an easy-to-interact GUI.
  • A cost-effective application is available as a part of MS Office Suite.
  • Multi-taskers prefer Outlook because it equally supports them in multitasking.

The Manual Approach and its Drawbacks:

There is a manual technique available to convert NSF to PST as well as professional tools are also present in the market for the same. Choosing between the two, users must pick the professional tools. This is because the manual way is full of complexities and does not ascertain complete or desirable conversion. The manual method can be considered good if users require it for little NSFs; for big data, they must use professional tools. There have been seen many instances when the resultant PST produced through the manual method crashed. And above all that, the data loss is the ultimate cause that pushes users to use professional tools.

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Convenient and Safe Way to Convert NSF to PST:

In the professional tool list, there remains a fight to search for a genuinely professional tool. However, you have landed on the right page; the Weeom Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter tool converts the NSF files to PST without making any alteration in their contents. It is a speedy, impeccable, and efficient solution. This tool comes with endless features, which we will cover a bit later. First, let’s go through its procedure.

Quick Steps to Convert NSF to PST:

Users need to follow these quick steps on Weeom NSF to PST Converter tool to get the desired conversion.

  • Step1: Click on Add NSF file; a wizard will appear, choose a source, provide NSF & hit OK.
  • Step2: Tap on Outlook PST, deal with sub-folders, and proceed.
  • Step3: Use filters, Folder mapping, email translation, and hit Next.
  • Step4: Provide target, deal with PST-related, incremental export, etc., options, and hit Next.
  • Step5: The process will start hit Finish at the end. 

Proficient Features of Weeom NSF to PST Converter:

  • Multiple NSFs and Multiple Sources: This tool accepts endless NSFs not only from the Local directory but also from Domino Server & SmartCloud Notes/Verse. Additionally, users need not worry about NSF file size while adding to this tool. 
  • Interactive GUI: The GUI of this tool is so simple despite being detailed. Moreover, every tab is specified lucidly with the proper name assignment.
  • Preview: Users can access their NSFs from the right pane of the wizard after the successful addition of the NSFs files to the tool.
  • Filters: This tool allows users to proceed in conversion with particular items by letting them include/exclude items under the item date and type categories.
  • Advance Features: Users can proceed for advance options from the filter wizard to perform the Folder Mapping and email translation on it. The folder mapping makes it handy for the users to locate their items on the resultant PST after the successful conversion.

Final Words:

The manual method doesn’t guarantee safe data conversion. Although users can use them for little data, for a good amount of data, they must proceed with professional tools. Weeom NSF to PST Converter tool is one such tool. It also avails its FREE demo version to the users to gain their belief before even being purchased.

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